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Umax MagicScan 4.2

This section is a look at Umax MagicScan 4.2

MagicScan comes with the top-end Umax models, and other Umax SCSI models can use it. MagicScan is more fully featured than VistaScan, more fully featured than most.

Binuscan IPM (Image Processing Machine) is a high-end color correction program, supported by MagicScan, but not included, you must otherwise own it. It comes with the PowerLook and Mirage commercial models (see www.binuscan.com).

MagicMatch is included, and is a KCMS option (Kodak Color Management System) using ICC profiles to match the output to various printers (below). The manual controls (histogram, curve, color tools) are disabled and vanish when MagicMatch is selected, and it instead does all of the analysis of the image. MagicScan adds CYMK, sRGB and CIE Lab conversion modes too.

The red frame partially visible at bottom and right side defines the previewed area of the glass bed, and you can simply move it with the mouse to change the preview size (there is a Settings Menu too). The Proof button shows a 75 dpi scan using final settings for review before the actual scan. The 100 dpi button in the lower left corner is not the scan resolution, it is the Preview resolution, click it to change it. The slider scale next to it is a zoom tool to enlarge the preview view. There is a "Scan to File" checkbox on the Scan Job List window, which can be disabled only when you start MagicScan from an image program. If you forget it, you may wonder where the scanned image went.

MagicScan has many features, certainly strong and versatile.

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