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Microtek ScanWizard Pro 6

Scanwizard 6

Scanwizard Pro 6 comes with the top end Microtek models. It has everything just mentioned in ScanWizard 5 Advanced, and adds much more for professional work. It adds scan modes of CMYK and Lab color, as well as RGB. It adds a Dynamic range tool, similar to the histogram, but reporting the end point Dmin and Dmax densities detected in the image, over a relative range of 0.05 to 4.0 for film, or 3.0 for reflective (instead of luminance values 0 to 255). The Color Wheel has a new "Remove Cast" or "Add Cast" option.

A Preference menu can change all the tools from the RGB color system to the LCH color system (Luminance, Chroma, Hue), which is based on brightness, saturation and hue. The LCH mode tool menu differs, and is shown below (Reflective mode left, Negative and LCH mode at right). For example, Graduation is a Curve tool on Luminance, affecting brightness but not color.

There are several color negative film types, and a way to create a custom film type by scanning an unexposed blank piece of film.

There is an elaborate color matching system, providing many ICC color profiles for various monitors, color systems, and CMYK printing destinations and standards, and more can be added. The profile can be embedded into the TIF image file for Photoshop.

There are ten predefined correction categories selectable, for example Portraits (skin tones), Landscapes, UnderExposed, OverExposed, High Keys, Low Keys, Sunsets, etc. These apply typical automatic correction for similar images. You can also add your custom own sets of corrections as named new entries in the list.

The Microtek 8700 Pro Firewire/USB scanner included ScanWizard Pro 6, and also came with a Kodak Q60-R1 (5x7 inch reflective) and Q60-E1 (4x5 inch Ektachrome) color targets for the provided ICC Profiler software that calibrates the scanner from the Q60 target (see page 238).

The 8700 Pro package also includes SilverFast Ai 5, Adobe Photoshop 5 LE, Genuine Fractals Print Pro, and ABBYY FineReader Sprint OCR

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