A few scanning tips


Microtek ScanWizard 5

Microtek ScanWizard 5 has two different interfaces, named Standard and Advanced. There are a lot of features, and users should be aware of the large PDF manual on CD.

Standard mode is shown below, and is designed to be easy to use for novices. Scan resolution is not directly settable, but is instead determined by the option buttons.

Scan mode is set to be appropriate for the type of ORIGINAL selected there, which can be Photo, Text Document (line art B&W), Illustration, Printed Material (with Descreen), or Film (positive or negative) if a TMA is present. SCAN TYPE can specify True Color, Grayscale, or Black & White (line art) to override in any case.

Scan resolution is set by PURPOSE (for screen, inkjet or laser printer, Fax or OCR), to be appropriate for the ORIGINAL type. The PURPOSE button is disabled if the SCAN TO button already specifies a purpose, like Copy. The resulting final details are shown on the lower status bar, and the small button at the left end of the lower status bar reviews all settings.

ScanWizard 5 can run standalone (if started from the Windows Start menu), or via TWAIN from any photo editor program. If started via TWAIN, the Scan button is named SCAN, and the image is returned to the photo editor, as usual. However, if run standalone, that button is named SCAN TO, and it will scan to a file by popping a file dialog box for folder, file name, and type of file to be saved (several popular file types are offered). The file options can optionally add a serial number suffix to the output file base name automatically, or send the file to a selected application, like a photo editor.

There are more choices too. Hold the mouse button down on the SCAN TO button for two seconds, and a drop down menu can change it to Copy or Email (or OCR in some models). Copy will scan and print to the printer, like any Copy Utility, but including color copies too. Email scans and requests a file name, and attaches the file to an email message in your default email program. These are the same modes as from the scanner's front panel buttons for Scan, Copy, Email, if any. ScanWizard versions with embedded OCR software can scan, do OCR, and request a file name and file type

The ADJUST button has simple controls for brightness, contrast, sharpening, color and saturation. The PREFERENCES button has settings to automatically preview when you start ScanWizard. It also has the choice to Auto Detect to determine mode of original and to find edges (cropping), to set Auto Image Enhancement, plus the inch or mm choice. And very important, there is the RESET button to restore default settings.

The vertical slide in the center is to zoom or magnify the Preview image, and right below it is a control to pan around on that large image. The extreme lower right corner allows a mouse drag to enlarge the window as large as you wish.

The upper title bar has a little scanner icon to allow setting the timeout when the scanner lamp automatically goes out, or data compression, on those models that support the features. And to the left of it is the button to switch to Advanced mode.


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