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Nikon ES-1 Slide Copying Adapter

To copy slides, a FX camera is seeking a 1:1 magnification (1.0 reproduction), and a 1.5x crop DX camera is seeking about a 0.67 size reproduction (1/1.5x crop). So speaking of a 60mm macro lens, DX with ES-1 requires extension in front of lens to position slide farther forward (less enlargement). FX possibly may need extension tube behind the lens, for greater enlargement.

Here is the Nikon instruction sheet for the Nikon ES-1 Slide Copying Adapter, designed for FX users. It can be used with DX cameras with the proper spacer between lens and ES-1. The marked note under the chart says 60mm macro lens with no extension tubes will do 0.96 to 1.0 reproduction (FX). 0.96 is a slightly smaller image, which includes all of slide, but may need slight cropping around it afterwards. I am making things up now, but exactly 1.0 may not allow cropping in the camera, so possibly may not be able to eliminate all of the slide mount - i.e., image from 60mm FX lens works, but may need subsequent cropping either way? Adobe RAW easily crops many images in one operation, which should handle it conveniently. But a little more ES-1 range could be good, and the chart explains that an extension tube behind the 60mm lens increases the width of its range, allowing cropping choices in camera. The PK-13 is 27.5mm long, and produces 1.6 reproduction, which is much more than needed. The lens alone already does 1.0, so the shortest extension tube ought to increase the 1.0 number very sufficiently. The Kenko extension tubes support Auto Focus, but the Nikon tubes do not. Again, this section is speaking of FX, not about DX at all.


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